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Team Extreme-ly

I may have mentioned it before, but I have this thing called Team Extreme. Team Extreme is a special group of people, handpicked by myself, who I decide are extreme enough for Team Extreme. Simple.

Unfortunately it's not simple. People always want to know what the criteria is for Team Extremeness. Those who don't make the cut are inclined to attempt revolutions or inspired to form their own lesser teams. Complicating matters further is the symbiotic relationship that Team Extreme shares with Team Mild (Team Mild is basically a club for designated drivers), the leader of which is constantly trying to take over Team Extreme. You'd really be surprised at how much people can argue about an imaginary team.

Anyway, I've come up with what I think is a good solution, Team Extremely. Team Extremely is to be made up of all persons I deem to be extreme (sounds familiar). The difference, however, is that now we have sub-divisions like Extremely Stupid, Extremely High, Extremely Mild, and, of course, Extremely Extreme.

I'm going to be searching the news for all sorts of extremeness. davidasan will be keeping an eye on extremely mild activity for you.

That said, the first new member of Team Extremely is the Extremely Lucky 14 year old Floridian who was seduced by his 23 year old teacher. I know this is against the law and all, but as most 14 year old male students will tell you, this is extremely lucky. Mrs. Lafave doesn't win a place in Extremely Stupid, but Mr. Lafave can join Extremely Embarrassed if he's so inclined.

Tomorrow I'll post the first member of Extremely Girthy.
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