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( less radiation ( more radiation (X) more radiation ) less radiation )

So I gots me some fast internet again, woohoo! At about 8:30AM three (3) AT&T dudes showed up to install it. I was ultra excited, especially cause they were all WEARING ORANGE VESTS!!!

They looked at all our orange majesties, like the Code Orange Alert board we have with all the pictures of the top ten dictators in this area and the corporate communications we've stolen about code orange. They also saw our stolen cones and our vests. One of the dudes said that orange is a good color, fuck yeah it is! And you know this, man.

After helping them help me, I was connected (then I had to help myself some more getting my wireless stuff to work) and here I am, woohoo again!

Now I can browse Ready.Gov all fucking day until I'm SO prepared for nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks, as well as dirty bombs, dirty love, and EXPLOSIONS! I've figured so far the best way to stay alive is to stay the fuck out of ALL NIGHTCLUBS.

Last night I went and saw Old School for free. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! NOW! Ok, now that you've seen it (if it is even out yet) wasn't it fucking hilarious?!? I thought so. Your welcome. (and leaf, you better go see it or you're fucking fired, how about I come over there and fucking show you eh? How 'bout that shit?)
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*radiostatic* There's no swearing in here, sir. *radiostatic*