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So I woke up to the unfortunate news that our country has dropped back to Alert Level Yellow this morning. Not that there was ever really a reason to go up to Orange in the first place, but Level Orange was sure a lot more fun. It's been a pretty crazy 20 days at Orange, I think I was drunk for like at least 10 of them. Nevertheless, not no stress, Team Extreme Supreme will remain on Alert Level Orange indefinitely. Suspended, however, are "get out the word" programs such as wearing armbands in public and stuff. If you've got yellow gear though, wear it with pride.

The whole thing is so fucking ridiculous, check out this shit:
"United States and its interests are still at a significant risk of terrorist attack. Detained al Qaeda operatives have informed U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials that al Qaeda will wait until it believes Americans are less vigilant and less prepared before it will strike again."

So let me get this straight, al Qaeda won't attack us until our guard is down, so... I got it, call up Tommy Ridge, lower the guard! How fucking retarded is that? Not like the "threat" was anything more than lies in the first place, but still, can't they at least be consistently inconsistent? The statement also says that "for the safety and security of our nation, Americans must continue to be defiant..." I guess that's why we're in a closed session of the Security Council right now probably threatening everyone and talking about how we'll go it alone.

Finally, check out these guidelines the FBI released telling you how to watch out for al Qaeda casing your favorite soft target.

That's all for now, stay alert!
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